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Coach Education Overview

Anyone wishing to coach athletics must become accredited via the Athletics Australia Coach Accreditation Framework. In Queensland coach education programs are delivered across the state to enable new and existing coaches to progress through a coaching pathway.

Queensland Athletics is an Athletics Australia endorsed coach education provider, and as such all coach education programs delivered in Queensland are consistent with the Athletics Australia Coach Education Framework. Currently only Queensland Athletics (encompassing Athletics North Queensland), Sports Credentials, and the Queensland Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing (in partnership with Queensland Athletics and Sports Credentials) are approved to facilitate Athletics Australia accredited coaching programs in Queensland.

Athletics Australia Coach Accreditation Framework

The Athletics Coach Accreditation Framework is designed to progressively introduce the coaching skills required to develop athletes from beginner to elite. In this way the coaching pathway mimics the athlete’s pathway. The framework is designed to allow coaches of all levels to master their coaching, be it at the beginner level or the advanced level.

The skills delivered at each level are significant to that level of athlete. For example, those coaching beginner athletes need to know how to coach the basic fundamental skills for that level, without giving them too many complex skills. Mastering the fundamentals is the most important task of a beginner athlete, laying a foundation for further development of technical skills.

Additionally, coaches of school age children would want to be a master of the skills delivered at Level 2. Those who are preparing athletes for State and National Championships would be utilizing the skills presented at the Level 3 and above courses.

Level 1 Community Athletics CoachLevel 2 Club Coach
Level 3 Performance Development CoachLevel 4 Senior IAAF Coach



Recreational Running Coach Framework

In addition to the Athletics Coach Accreditation framework Athletics Australia has designed coaching courses for people training runners for fun runs, half marathons, marathons and ultra marathons. These courses are particularly useful for personal trainers who are looking to move into the endurance and long run training space.


Level 2 Intermediate Recreational Running Coach

This course trains coaches to develop the fundamental technical and strategic skills for runners training for 5km through to marathon events. It covers topics such as warm ups, session planning and designing training programs. The course also develops the coach’s skills in managing groups of varied skill levels from novice through to elite.

Pre-requisite for the course is the Athletics Australia Level 1 Community Coach course. RCC for Level 1 is available for qualified cert 3 or 4 personal trainers who are taking the Recreational Running Coach pathway. Those applying for RCC are required to do so at least two weeks prior to the course to allow for processing.

Level 2 Advanced Recreational Running Coach

Level 2 Advanced further develops the concepts introduced at the intermediate course as well as introducing the areas of advanced programming, diet and nutritional guidance, running technique and injury management.

Course Costs

IAAF Kids Athletics - $99 (Course materials)

Level 1 Community Athletics Coach - $189 (Course materials incl. coaching manual, online modules / readings, $40 AAC registration, morning and afternoon teas)  

Level 2 Club Coach - $345 *discounts apply (Course materials incl. coaching manual, online modules / readings, $40 AAC registration, morning and afternoon teas)  

Level 3 Performance Development Coach - $600 (Course materials incl. coaching manual, online modules / readings, $40 AAC registration, morning and afternoon teas)  

Level 4 & 5 IAAF Coach - TBA



Throws Coaching Resource

Throws Coaching Resource

Athletics 3D - Throws

Prepared in collaboration with Olympic coach Eric Brown, presents - Athletics3D - Throws.

Athletics3D - Throws features technically accurate 3D Animations of the Shot Put, Discus and Javelin events.

View the stunning 3D Animations from any angle and skip to any part by using intuitive controls such as Rotate, Zoom, Pause Animation and Slow-Motion Playback.

Featuring voice-over audio, each event is clearly explained through a series of informative chapters.

Physical Education Teachers, Coaches and Athletes will benefit greatly in using Athletics3D - Throws.

Available on the App Store

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Recognition of prior learning (Rpl)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available for some courses within the Athletics Australian Coach Accreditation Framework. Applications and enquiries should be directed to the Athletics Australia, Member Services & Insights Coordinator, Blair Taylor on 03 8646 4550 or

Application Links:

Level 1 Community Athletics 

Level 2 Intermediate 

Level 2 Advanced

Level 1 Run Leader

Level 2 Int. Recreational Running

Fosbury Flop & School Teachers

The Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment have declared the Fosbury Flop a high risk activity, thereby requiring all coaches teaching this style of high jump in schools to become accredited with the relevant Level 3 Athletics Australia Accreditation or the Get Active Queensland Accreditation Program which accredits to this level. This accreditation can be acquired through completion of a Level 3 Performance Development (Jumps) course. If school groups are able to confirm 10 participants, arrangements can be made to have a course delivered via Queensland Athletics at the school. 

Please direct all enquiries to the QA office (07) 3343 0900 or

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