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Officiating in Schools

Brisbane Athletics Officials Club, a Club affiliated with Queensland Athletics, is again happy to offer the services of its Accredited Officials for School Meets throughout 2017 in the South East region of the State.

While the Club remains the Prime point of contact for requests and allocation of Officials and will continue to organise this, the QA Office provides some assistance with basic administration. This facilitates a co-operative relationship with venue management to ensure that all your needs are addressed.

All Officials appointed to School Carnivals are duly accredited Athletics Australia officials. These people are experienced and have good people skills to work in conjunction with your teacher officials and student helpers.  Appointed officials are also all current Blue Card Holders.

We are looking to offer you greater flexibility when considering how you will staff your event. In 2017 there are several options which you may consider when staffing your events with our officials you will find these below:

  • Engagement of Officials – see Section E of the 2017 Booking Form: This is simply what has been in place over past years and for those who still wish to do so they can select only those officials they think meet their needs.
  • Administration Service – see Section B of the 2017 Booking Form: This service could be something as simple as the supply of an experienced Hy-Tek Meet Manager operator or the full administration of your event, from input of all entries to the production of results.

Equipment Supply Service - see section C of the 2017 Booking Form:  We offer an Equipment Supply service to take the hassle out of ensuring you have the correct numbers and weights of implements, measuring tapes, spikes and other equipment plus the ability to verify athletes’ personal equipment and importantly guarantee that the equipment is there at the start of the carnival and not arriving on a late bus. This service includes the Equipment Judge.  Equipment such as Rakes, Brooms, Hurdles, High Jump mats and tents are supplied by the venue

Provision of adequate numbers of capable school officials: Some School Carnivals have been relying solely on a few accredited officials, assisted by students, to run field events at their carnivals. In a number of cases these students have been physically incapable of carrying out some of the tasks involved such as raking pits and returning implements. In addition to this some students disappear after the first event of the day and delays are experienced while replacements are found.  If it is intended that teachers will not be used as assistants on field events then we require that student helpers be reliable and physically capable of performing the tasks involved. Alternatively you may choose to engage additional accredited officials (subject to availability).

In addition while all of our officials hold a current blue card it is not their role or responsibility to supervise students or maintain discipline and we request that sufficient teachers be provided on the field of play in order to perform this role.

We look forward to working with you in 2017 to ensure that your Carnival is successful and enjoyable.

    Peter White    Lyn Miles 
Phone   07 4634 4853   07 3366 2952 
Mobile   0428 344 853    0417 704 522 
Email    Peter    Lyn 

Should you have any queries in relation to any aspects of Athletics, Carnival Organisation or the Rules of Athletics, please feel free to contact us.

Download the 2017 Booking Form