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Queensland Records
apply for a record

To apply for a record you must gain the required performance at a Sanctioned Athletics Meet (see below for the definition of a sanctioned meet), you then need to fill out the Application Forms for the relevant event type (which can be found below). Signatures of officials are required for the completion of the form so if you are trying for a record you must make sure you:

  1. Have the relevant form with you to complete at the venue or approach an official or QA Staff member in the administration area to obtain the forms.
  2. Ensure that the field event officials are aware that you have broken the record so that they know to verify equipment as part of the application process.
  3. Once the form is completed and all signatures have been obtained either post the form to the Records Officer Queensland Athletics PO Box 249 Sunnybank Qld 4109 or scan the application and send it via email to
  4. If at a Meet where QA Staff are attending you may hand the form to a Staff Member

To streamline the application process if you set/break a record at any of the following meets you will only need to notify the Queensland Athletics office that you competed at that particular Meet. If it was a Field Event record you will still need to notify the Chief Official at the Event site that you have set/broken a state record. Once the Records Officer has verified your performance at that meet your record will be allowed

  • All QA Permit meets including Shield and Classic meets
  • ANQ Championships
  • QLD Open State Championships
  • QLD Junior State Championships
  • QLD AWD Championships (Open and Junior)
  • Other State Championships (ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAS, VIC, WA)
  • Australian National Championships (Open, Junior, AWD)
  • Australian All Schools Championships
  • Athletics Australia National Series Meets (Hunter Track Classic (Newcastle), Briggs Athletics Classic (Hobart), Sydney Track Classic, Perth Track Classic, Brisbane Track Classic, Melbourne World Challenge)
  • Oceania Championships
  • Olympic Games
  • Commonwealth Games
  • IAAF World Championships (Open, Junior and Youth)
  • IAAF Grand Prix meets
Where can records be set?

Records can only be set at sanctioned meets, the definition of a sanctioned meet is outlined in the Queensland Athletics Rule Book under Rule #25 as per below:

25. RECORDS & QUALIFYING PERFORMANCES: Athletes may only claim a record or qualifying performance when achieved at a Queensland Athletics/Athletics Australia sanctioned competition where officiating and timing conditions have been met. Athletes must also be current financial members of Queensland Athletics at the time the performance was achieved. Records and qualifying performances may only be achieved in events advertised on the competition program and within the limit of trials/rounds permitted under the competition rules for the event. 

For the automatic acceptance of a record from those events listed above notification of the performance must be made to the Queensland office at so that verification of the performance can be made by the records officer.


Australian Records

To view the Australian National Records please follow the link below to the Athletics Australia website:

Australian Records