PAST COMPETITIONS / Qld 10000m Championship

Qld 10000m Championship

01 Aug 20

Location: Gold Coast Performance Centre


Athletes must be an active member of Qld Athletics. If you are not a member, you can pay for Base Membership ($12) here which will expire 30 September 2021.

A timetable will be made available shortly. Current plans are for the events to begin around 4pm with the championship races after 5.30pm

There will be strictly NO late entries or entries on the day.

There wil be no check-in on the day. You must present with your bib attached (if you don't have one you can obtain one here) and be at the start line 5 minutes before your event.


***There are two links listed - athletes and non-athletes. If you are a coach, parent or guest you MUST register your personal details for contact tracing. Please understand that by not cooperating with this request you place our future events at risk.


Athletes register HERE

Coaches, parents and guests register HERE