Hump Day Meet #4

03 Mar 21

Location: State Athletics Facility

Parents, coaches and spectators must regiser here


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If you're a currently registered interstate athlete looking to enter this competition, please send through your name, seed time, date of birth and email address through to matt.lynch@qldathletics.org.au

Shield Meet Rules

Competition Rules
A full list of Queensland competition rules are available on the Queensland Athletics website here. All athletes MUST familiarise themselves with these rules before submitting their entry.
For all hurdles, steeplechase and throwing events, athletes will be entered into their relevant age specifications for that event. If an athlete would like to compete in a different age group with different specifications, please contact Qld Athletics after entering. Specifications can be found here.

Close of Entries
Entries close at 9am Wednesday 3rd March. After this time the online entry system will automatically cease operation. 

Event Start Lists
Event start lists will be available on the Queensland Athletics website by the afternoon on Wednesday 3rd March. Athletes MUST inform staff on the day of the competition if there have been any errors with their entry, if they wish to withdraw from any events or if they wish to compete with different specifications.