UPCOMING COMPETITIONS / Pre-departure Meet (non-permit)

Pre-departure Meet (non-permit)

04 Jun 23

Location: Gold Coast Performance Centre

This meet is a non-permited invitational event.

Open to athletes of all abilites, this meet is perfect for those athletes preparing to head overseas looking for a racing opportunity.


The competition will contain the following events: 
100m 12:00pm
200m 12:30pm
Long Jump 1:00pm
400m 1:40pm

Entry standard:
M100 - sub 13s
W100 - sub 15s
Long Jump - 4m+
M200 - sub 26s
W200 - sub 30s
M400 - sub 58s
W400 - sub 65s

There is no cost to compete. Please note, no entry is guarenteed until confirmed after close of entries.
Please submit your interest by 9am Friday 2nd of June. 
We will confirm if your entry is accepted by end of business day Friday 2nd via email.