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UQ Athletics Club Coaching Upskilling for Coaches

28 Oct 23

Location: UQ Sports & Athletics Centre


The UQAC is offering an opportunity for potential coaches to be introduced to coaching, or
upskilling for coaches who are already coaching. This opportunity is offered as part of a coaching
clinic that is being conducted by UQAC Coaches with young athletes. You will be able to observe the
coaching working with the athletes and they will give you the opportunity to assist them in
conducting the clinic. Coaches who commit to two years of coaching with the club will have their
coaching accreditation funded.

When: October 28 th from 1.00 – 5.00 pm
Where: At the UQ Athletics Centre, University of Queensland
Cost: No charge for the Upskilling Clinic
Coaches: UQAC coaches – Andre Sinclair, Eric Brown, Luke Donatini, Patricia Boyle, Noel

McBride, Alyssa Kapranov, Liam O’Brien
Registration: Register on line through the QA or UQAC web site