What to do if a record is broken:

Queensland Athletics members can claim state resident records locally (Gold permit competitions/Shield Meets), nationally at Athletics Australia Championships/Track Classics and internationally (Oceania Competitions, World Championships, etc). Records are categorised in U14/U16/U18/U20 & Open.


All-comers records can be set by any member of another athletics association at a meet in Queensland of the required level (minimum Qld Athletics permit level Silver).


STATE RECORD - Click on either link below to see current Qld records. If you believe you have broken a current state record, please email all the relevant details to 


NATIONAL RECORD - If you believe you have broken an Australian record, more information can be found here, and the form can be found here. It is the athlete's responsibility to fill out the form and submit it to Qld Athletics ON THE DAY OF COMPETITION to validate - the form will then be sent back to you to submit as per AA's instructions here.


PARA RECORD - If you believe you have broken a Para record (for World or Oceania level), click here.


Historical Athletics Australia Records
Qld Para Records Frozen (U14/U16/U18)

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These are regularly compiled by a dedicated team: AA Statistician Paul Jenes, Fletcher McEwan and David Tarbotton. We're very grateful for this data.

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