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Gladstone Athletics Club
Gladstone, QLD

We have been operating for over 40 years and provide an inclusive and instructive athletic program for athletes aged 4 to adults with competitive pathways to national level. We create opportunities for the entire community to come together in healthy physical activity.


Membership Fee:  $60.00 Base/Gold/Platinum
$0.00 for Gladstone Little Athletics members

*on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Laurie Delaney Oval, Derby Street GLADSTONE
Coaches: Bryan Townsend Throws - Level 2
  Emily O'Conner Throws & Walks - Level 2
  Trudy Sheppard Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
  Leigh Wilson Community Athletics Coach - Level 1
Training: Tuesdays & Thursdays 4.15-5.30pm


GMG Athletics
Pimpama, QLD


Membership Fee:  $40.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Pimpama State Secondary College, Dixon Drive PIMPAMA
Coaches: Glen Gamlin Club Coach - Level 2
  Martha Gamlin Club Coach - Level 2
Training: Monday & Friday afternoons  


Gold Coast Athletics Inc
Miami, QLD

Gold Coast Athletics was incorporated in 2016 to primarily provide a pathway for those athletes who are members of our associated club – Gold Coast Little Athletics. We welcome other local athletes to join in and be a part of a centrally located athletics club at Pizzey Park.


Membership Fee:  $30.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Pizzey Park, Pizzey Drive MIAMI
Coaches: Chris Lewis Sprints, Hurdles & Relays - Level 4 Specialist
  Steve Langley Long/Middle Distance, Walks - Level 2
  Ryan Hoffman Sprints - Level 2
  Richard Capps Throws - Level 2
Training: Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays  


Gold Coast Victory Athletics
Runaway Bay, QLD

Gold Coast Athletics Club was formed in 1969, and amalgamated with Victory Sports Athletics Club in 2000. Gold Coast Victory has been home to national and international champions such as Sally Pearson, Sharon Jaklofsky, Michael Shelley, and Riley Day. GCV caters for all levels of athletes from 12 years of age and up across all athletics events.


Membership Fee:  $50.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: BLK Performance Centre, Sports Drive RUNAWAY BAY
Coaches: Peter Hannan IAAF Academy Coach (JH & Comb Events) - Level 5
Specialist Coach (Jumps) - Level 4
  Sharon Hannan Specialist Coach Sprints, Hurdles & Relays - Level 4
Junior Coach - Level 3a
  Ron Martinenko Specialist Coach Middle & Long Distance - Level 4
  Robyn Wales Walks - Levele 3a
  Brett Green Throws - Level 5
Middle & Long Distance = Level 3a
  Sonia Fabian Throws - Level 3a
  Howard Arbuthnot IAAF Jumps - Level 3
  Andrew Arkinstall Middle & Long Distance - Level 3a
  Blayne Arnold Senior IAAF Coach (Middle & Long Distance) - Level 4
Sprints, Hurdles & Relays 0 Level 2
IAAF Kids Athletics Coach
Training: Monday to Thursday
8.30-10.30am & 1.00-4.30pm



Gympie Amateur Athletics Club
Gympie, QLD

Gympie Amateur Athletics Club is an all-inclusive club, catering for the young to the young at heart who love athletics as much as we do.


Membership Fee:  $80.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Albert Park, River Road GYMPIE
Coaches: Leslie O'Connor Throws - Level 3
Training: Mondays & Thursdays 3.30-5.30pm


Hervey Bay Athletics Club
Dundowran, QLD

We provide opportunities for training, friendship and competition for athletes of all ages. We are building a strong community of people who train together and support one another in pursuit of personal excellence. Our club celebrates the accomplishments of all athletics and is dedicated to continually improving its service to the athletic community.


Membership Fee:  $25.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Dundowran Oval, Lower Mountain Road DUNDOWRAN
Coaches: Niel Ensbey Club Coach - Level 2
  Peter Abra Club Coach - Level 2
Training: Thursdays 4.00-5.00pm


Ignition Athletics Club
Mudgeeraba, QLD

Ignition is dedicated to fuelling opportunities through sharing & building knowledge, exposing & developing natural talent and striving to complement the individual character of the athlete. We aim to achieve this by attracting a diverse range of people who are engaged, passionate and valued, who in turn are committed to the success of our organisation; developing the skills and capabilities or our members through quality education and mentoring programs; fostering the growth of the sport across all athletics disciplines and memberships, by linking with community partners – in particular schools – to build a diverse membership base; blending the pathways between grass root athletics and the elite level, to promote longevity of careers; and nurturing a friendly, supportive, respectful environment, that instils a culture of fairness and sportsmanship.


Membership Fee:  $40.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Somerset College, Somerset Drive MUDGEERABA
Coaches: Glynis Nunn ATFA Elita Performance Coach (Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Relays, Throws, Combined Events) - Level 5
  Casey West Sprints & Middle Distance - Level 2a
  Candice McKenna Middle Distance - Level 2
Jumps - Level 1
  Brett Robinson Sprints - Level 3a
  Sam Dick Sprints - Level 1
  Josh Carter Sprints - Level 2a
  Niki Gusman Jumps, Sprints - Level 2a
  Elizabeth Forsyth Sprints - Level 1
  Malcolm Muir Sprints & Middle Distance - Level 3a
  Phillip Newton ATFCA Elite Performance Coach (Jumps, Hurdles, Combined Events) - Level 4
  Tony Fairweather Sprints & Relays - Level 4
  Alison Fairweather Sprints - Level 3a
  Mark Ladbook Sprints, Hurdles, Middle Distance, Relays - Level 4
  Leanne Hines-Smith Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Relays - Level 4
  Amanda Scott Jumps - Level 2a
Club Coach - Level 2
  Tony Baker ATFCA Elita Performance Coach (Sprints, Middle Distance, Distance) - Level 4
Training: Mondays to Fridays



intraining Running and Triathlon Club
Milton, QLD

Membership fee: $30.00* Juniors, $58.00* Adult 
*on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee


Whether you are looking to join a group to get motivated, want to start running or simply want to improve your personal best, intraining have a range of training groups to help satisfy your running needs.


Beginner Groups

We offer beginner groups catering to those just starting out running. Non intimidating environment, fun and friendly organised by experienced coaches who understand the limitations surrounding the first few steps to becoming a runner.

Click here to view training sessions


Intermediate Groups

Something for those who have been running for a few months or years who run frequently.

Click here to view training sessions


Advanced Groups

By no means do the advanced groups mean you need to be fast. It simply is designed for those runners who are aiming for a personal best time who regularly attend training sessions with a goal in the near future.

Click here to view training sessions


Kid Groups

Catering to children under the age of 16. The kids training groups are coordinated by experienced coaches who understand that running needs to be all about enjoyment at a young age with the view they can be runners for life. Two sessions are available each week involve; warm-up, running form drills, the session and completed with a game to warm down.

Click here to view training sessions

Ipswich & District Athletics Club
Ipswich, QLD

Our mission is to provide well guided training and personal development for all ages to enhance athletic skills within a caring and friendly environment, thus providing a recognizable leadership within the sports community of Ipswich & District.


Membership Fee:  $35.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee 
Location: Bill Patterson Oval, Lion Street IPSWICH 
Coaches: Vic Pascoe Sprints, Hurdles & Relays - Level 4
  Brad Robinson Middle & Long Ditance - Level 3
  Andrew Wheeler Throws, Pole Vault - Level 2
  Mick Moore Throws - Level 4
  Ted Ruben Sprints, Hurdles & Relays, Jumps - Level 2a
  Theresa Stolberg Junior Coach - Level 4
  Darin Coombs Throws - Level 3
  Mark Sills Jumps, Sprints - Level 2
  Connor O'Leary Middle Distance - Level 2
Training: Mondays & Wednesdays 6.30-8.30pm




Isis District Athletics Club
Childers, QLD

We regard our club as our sporting family. We train and compete in a supportive environment where everyone works to be their best. Our club was formed in 2000 by  small team of dedicated volunteers who had a vision for our area; it was about seeing children shine. Not just in athletics, but in self-esteem, friendship and life skills.


Membership Fee:  $48.00
*on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Childers Showgrounds, Ridgway Street CHILDERS
Coaches: Maynard Heap Level 2
Training: Tuesday & Friday afternoons  



Jimboomba Athletics Club
Jimboomba, QLD


Membership Fee:  $30.00 *on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee
Location: Little Athletics Jimboomba field, Henderson Road JIMBOOMBA
Coaches: Ralph Newton Level 3a
- Sprints, Hurdles
- Jumps, Throws
- Combined Events
- Para Athletics
  Dave McKean Pole Vault - Level 2
Training: email us for days and times  



Jimboomba Athletes have represented at state, national and international level.

We regularly compete at QA shield meets and are a past winner of the Queensland Athletics Club premiership.

We help link Little Athletics members and school athletes to senior competition.

Lockyer District Athletics Club
Plainland, QLD

We provide sporting individuals the opportunities for coaching, training and competition within the Lockyer Valley. We open pathways for elite athletes to pursue the future in athletics. Our club offers well guided coaching and personal development, enhancing the athletic ability of athletes of all ages. Our club strives to play a leadership role by offering expertise to all in the Lockyer Valley Sporting Community.


Membership Fee: 

$38.00 Base

$40.00 Gold

$30.00 Platinum

*on top of the Qld Athletics membership fee

Location: Faith Lutheran College, Faith Avenue PLAINLAND  
Coaches: Bailey Pashley - Level 5  
  Melinda Otto - Level 2  
  Courtney Otto - Level 2  
Training: email us for days and times  



Gladstone Athletics Club

Location: Gladstone, QLD

GMG Athletics

Location: Pimpama, QLD

Gold Coast Athletics Inc

Location: Miami, QLD

Gold Coast Victory Athletics

Location: Runaway Bay, QLD

Gympie Amateur Athletics Club

Location: Gympie, QLD

Hervey Bay Athletics Club

Location: Dundowran, QLD

Ignition Athletics Club

Location: Mudgeeraba, QLD

intraining Running and Triathlon Club

Location: Milton, QLD

Ipswich & District Athletics Club

Location: Ipswich, QLD

Isis District Athletics Club

Location: Childers, QLD

Jimboomba Athletics Club

Location: Jimboomba, QLD

Lockyer District Athletics Club

Location: Plainland, QLD